Removing bacteria

Effective use of protect bacteria!

Antibacterial test
Breeding suppression test


Removed power of odor components
is stronger than detergent!

Experiment of removed odor components : Uniforms were covered in sweat

* water-wash (Addition of reagent remaining amount 37mg/3m)
* Order components: Acetic Acid, Propionic acid, butyric acid, Isovalerate, Valerate, Butanoic Acid

exclusion rate1


Beyond your imagination!
Mag-Chan bring you to new washing experiences

Experiment of removed fats and oil : Measurement : Trioleine

exclusion rate2

Just washing your laundry
with Magchan!

* Keep and clean in your washing machine tub and laundry hose ( within 2-3 weeks )

Before After1

Magchan is ultimate ecology washing product not only protecting bacteria but also keep and clean laundry machine and hose!

Before After2

Protect your money

You can use approximately 300 times washing in your laundry machine

Baby Magchan

Baby Magchan

Suitable for washing baby goods without any detergents.
Just into laundry machine and “Baby Magchan” bring you to new washing experiences and ultimate ecology for the earth.



BATH MAG provides you newly Bath experience with alkali ionized water.
Magnesium is one of the most important components for our health body. BATH MAG is based on 99.95% pure magnesium product and ultimate ecology product for our earth.



“SENTAKU Magchan” is new concept washing supplies without any detergents. This product is based on 99.95% magnesium product which bring you to new laundry experience and ecology. Our product features are
1) Protect growth of bacteria on your cloths
2) Protect indoor interference smell
Please enjoy new laundry experience with “Magchan series”

Without any detergents, we propose all of you to use this 99.95% Magnesium washing products for protect earth ecology and your health. This magnesium is also utilized hydrogen water.

Laundry Magchan

Laundry Magchan

Our product “Laundry Magchan” is suitable for highly sensitive skin and organic cotton product without any detergents.
Our product purpose is healthy daily life with ultimate ecology cycle via “Magchan”.

“Laundry Magchan” is consist of 99.95% pure magnesium and this drainage bring us to protect earth conscious and ecology thanks to no detergents.

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Corporate Overview

Company Name
Miyamoto Inc.
President and CEO
Takashi Miyamoto
Capital Stock
25.5M JPY
Koga-city, Ibaraki Pref., Japan
Saitama-Branch office and Kanda-office